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Jeep Grand Cherokee Startech V6 3.0 CRD

262 HP FOR THE GRAND CHEROKEE 3.0 V6 CRD PRESS RELEASE: The third generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee has arrived and STARTECH presents an exclusive refinement program for the SUV. The extensive product lineup is characterized not only by its professional engineering and innovative design: All components also offer exceptional quality. For the 3.0 CRD model with common-rail turbodiesel...

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Power Upgrade on 300c CRD (Diesel)

Has anybody looked into the Chrysler approved Startech SD6 power upgrade ? It takes the bhp from 218 bhp to 262 bhp and torque from 510 nm to 580 nm.The price seems to be 1589 eurps ( no mention of fitting) and I am unsure if it is available in the UK Details from[1], the statech home page &...

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